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The competence management CIProS best practice forum on Tuesday 15th November 2016, focused on competence management and the expectations of regulators.

Competence is the ability to undertake responsibilities and perform activities to a recognised standard on a regular basis. An effective Competence Management System (CMS) must therefore have procedures in place to define the processes needed to manage both individual and organisational competences against defined standards.

The CMS must address the needs of managers, supervisors, employees and contractors, especially those with safety-critical roles. Appropriate monitoring and review processes must also be in place to assess performance.

Martin Griffiths, HSE & Communications Manager at Solvay, gave a presentation on the company’s approach to competence management and their experience in relation to HSE’s Part A Inspections.

The workshop session that followed gave attendees the opportunity to discuss lessons learned and share best practice in managing competence on high hazard sites.