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Following the success of previous CIProS best practice forum events, the Human Factors in Action event was, for the first time, opened out to attendees from other high hazard manufacturing sites, to provide a greater opportunity for attendees to share experiences.

The guest speaker was Ian Hartwell, a Human Factors Specialist with 15 years’ experience investigating the interaction of users with complex systems to optimise the safety and performance of the design. Originally a pilot in the British Royal Air Force specialising in the development and evaluation of new systems and equipment, Ian subsequently led trials teams to investigate a broad spectrum of Human Factors-related issues. From 2009 he was responsible for the independent technical review of safety cases, focusing on Human Factors and operability. This role included leading investigations with test pilots, other Human Factors specialists and engineers to gain data, conduct analysis and integrate Human Factors into defence procurement to efficiently and cost-effectively manage risk.

Ian’s presentation covered human reliability and the multiple and varied factors that influence human performance. The session used examples from across different industries to provide a holistic view of human error and how it can be reduced in situations where the consequences of human error can have severe ramifications, both for the user, the organisation and wider society.


The workshop session that followed gave attendees the opportunity to discuss lessons learned and share best practice relating to human performance in other high risk environments.