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Increasingly, in a competitive environment, it is becoming difficult for businesses to devote the time and resources needed for essential training. Recognising this, we are now adapting many of our courses to provide blended learning programmes, which allow much of the underpinning knowledge to be gained through activity-based interactive modules within an e-learning environment. Standard and bespoke training modules can be combined into sequences and groups, with each module building on the outcomes of the previous ones, to create flexible learning paths for individuals, teams, or departments. This means that learning can now take place anywhere at any time, using laptops, tablets, and even mobile phones.

In addition to this, our e-learning environment provides other tools, including blogs and messaging facilities, to make it easier for learners to pose questions to our trainers and each other, and share experiences so that they become part of an online learning community. Progress can also be tracked and where testing forms part of an activity, reports and certificates can be provided as evidence of understanding or simply to show that learning has taken place. For those companies wishing to train large numbers of people, our course administrators can use grading tools and reports to provide inhouse summaries.

In short, our blended approach to learning allows the basics to be covered through tailored self-study so that participants can be brought together in the classroom or workplace to properly build on common foundations, developing, applying and testing what they have learned, through workshops and practical exercises.

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