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Many major incidents that have occurred on sites have resulted in chains of events that result in serious damage to the environment, as part of a water, groundwater or atmospheric pathway. Most common to many previous incidents is the damage caused through the application of firewater, typically to mitigate the potential effects on people, which may breach site containment resulting in an uncontrolled release to the environment.

As such, a key requirement of the COMAH Regulations 2015 is the provision of an environmental risk assessment (ERA), typically provided under a wider environmental aspects section.

Under the COMAH safety report assessment manual (SRAM) – a tool used by the COMAH competent authority (CCA) to assess a safety report – the CDOIF guideline ‘Environmental Risk Tolerability for COMAH Establishments’ is mentioned as a key benchmark tool for such assessments.

This guideline ushered in a new way of conducting environmental risk assessment, with key guidance covering the appropriate screening methodology, two stage assessment of major incident potential and four classes of major accident to the environment (MATTE) to better risk ranking and focus within ‘ALARP’ (as low as reasonably practicable) demonstration.

This webinar aims to provide an overview of the CDOIF guideline and how it fits into the wider COMAH  environmental aspects requirements.

Date & Location

7th September

1pm – 2pm

Virtual Learning Environment

Who should attend?

This webinar is open to personnel from manufacturing, storage or distribution companies who require an understanding of the output of a ‘CDOIF’ Environmental Risk Assessment. It will also provide a useful overview for those who are involved in undertaking such assessments.


David Clark, Associate Consultant, SLR Consulting

David is a process safety and environmental consultant. He specialises in quantified risk assessments for COMAH submissions and secondary containment studies. He has written technical reports for clients in the chemicals, energy, explosives, oil & gas, pharmaceutical and warehousing industries.


This is a free to attend webinar.

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