In November 2019 HFL Consulting was acquired by SLR, a global leader in environmental and advisory solutions.

SLR has a team of over 1800 professionals delivering advice and support from a network of offices across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Canada, the USA and Latin America. Our expanded service offering means we can provide a unique blend of leadership, management, consulting, engineering and training services to businesses of all sizes across the process and allied industries. We can draw on many more ‘in house’ skills and services, including process, civil and structural engineering, environmental permitting and compliance, air quality, flood risk, ecology, acoustics and wastewater treatment.

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Why attend?

The Chemical and Downstream Oil Industries Forum (CDOIF) have published guidance for determining the tolerability of environmental risk at COMAH Establishments, CDOIF – Guideline Environmental Risk Tolerability for COMAH Establishments v 2.0.  Operators of Upper and Lower Tier COMAH establishments are being encouraged to adopt this methodology.

The training will be based on the requirements of this guidance and will lead learners through the use of presentations and workshop sessions.

The training will provide learners with an understanding of the knowledge and tools to;

  • Proactively assess the environmental risks
  • Develop skills in environmental assessment to understand how to identify potential MATTEs, and implement effective risk management strategies

The course will provide the underlying theory, plus an opportunity to practice applying the techniques.

Note that the course is tailored for use in England, Wales and Scotland.

Date & Location

15th December  2020

08:45 – 16:00



08:45 – Coffee & registration
09:00 – An Introduction to Environmental Assessment and CDOIF
09:15 –  Necessary Groundwork: What info you need and where to get it
11:00 –  (incl coffee break) Workshop #1 – Identifying the receptors
11:45 –   Screening: Substance selection, Source-Pathway-Receptor (SPR)
12:15 –   Lunch
12:45 –  Workshop #2 – SPR Development
13:15 –  Extent & Severity
13:45 –  Workshop #3 – Determination of MATTE Classes
14:15 –  Coffee break
14:30 – Frequency and Tolerability
15:00 – Workshop #4 – Frequency and Tolerability
15:30 – ALARP Demonstration
16:00 – Q&A/Final Discussion
16:30 – Close

Who should attend?

The training is designed for those from manufacturing companies, who are involved in undertaking environmental assessments according to the Chemical and Downstream Oil Industries Forum (CDOIF) guidance, as well as those who procure, manage or deal with the output of such assessments.

This course is for Storage, Manufacturing and Distribution companies only.

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