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Organisations have a duty of care to ensure they can respond appropriately in the event of an incident. This includes running practices in order to demonstrate that they are suitably prepared to deal with any undesired outcomes following an incident.

Organisations require competent staff who have the necessary skills, knowledge and experience to undertake emergency response activities in such a way as to minimise the consequences to people and the environment should an incident occurs.

Through use of presentations, audio / visual materials, case studies and workshops to ensure engagement of the learners and maximise learning potential the workshop will help to:

  • Improve understanding of emergency response management;
  • Align emergency response with overall business aims;
  • Promote a culture of continuous improvement for emergency response management throughout the organisation; and
  • Demonstrate compliance and commitment to the wider stakeholder group (including regulatory bodies).

Please note – this event is a bespoke client training course that is being delivered on site to a client.

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