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Why attend?

This one-day course will introduce you to Human Reliability Analysis, used to pro-actively assess safety critical tasks and other business critical tasks to identify realistic potential human errors and so to take steps to reduce the probability of their occurrence. It will place Human Reliability Analysis in the context of the wider subject of Human Factors, and discuss the expectations of the Competent Authority.

Attendees will be taken through a Human Reliability Analysis methodology, starting with capturing and decomposing a task to understand its content and context using hierarchical task analysis, through to identifying potential human errors and relevant actions to reduce human error.

The course will include practical activities to embed and provide experiential learning. Assessment templates are provided for you to take away and use within your own organisation.

At the end of the course you will be able to lead or undertake simpler Human Reliability Analyses, and to participate in more complex safety critical Human Reliability Analyses either under supervision or as a team member under the guidance of a Human Factors specialist.

Date & Location

30th November 2021

09:15 – 16:40

Virtual Learning Environment


09:15 –  Registration

09:30 – Introduction to Human Factors – What are Human Factors and why are they important? What are the Regulator’s expectations? When should a Human Reliability Analysis be undertaken?

10:15 –  Task Analysis – A structured approach to break down and analyse safety critical tasks

11:00 –  Break

11:20 –  Workshop: Task Analysis

12:00 – Human Failure – Understand human failure types, why they happen and how to identify them

12:30 –  Lunch

13:00 – Workshop: Human Failure

13:30 – Performance Influencing Factors – Understand what makes human failure more or less likely

14:20 – Workshop: Performance Influencing Factors

15:15 –  Break

15:30 – Error Management Strategies  – How to make your organisation resilient to human failure

16:00 – Workshop: Error Management Strategies

16:30 – Final discussion

16:40 – Close

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at those in manufacturing companies who wish to lead Human Factors assessments of safety critical tasks using qualitative Human Reliability Analysis, as well as assessment secretaries and team members, and managers who procure, manage or deal with the output of Human Reliability Analyses.

NB, there are multiple terms in common usage for Human Reliability Analysis (HRA), including Human Failure Analysis (HFA) and Safety Critical Task Analysis.

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