In November 2019 HFL Consulting was acquired by SLR, a global leader in environmental and advisory solutions.

SLR has a team of over 1800 professionals delivering advice and support from a network of offices across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Canada, the USA and Latin America. Our expanded service offering means we can provide a unique blend of leadership, management, consulting, engineering and training services to businesses of all sizes across the process and allied industries. We can draw on many more ‘in house’ skills and services, including process, civil and structural engineering, environmental permitting and compliance, air quality, flood risk, ecology, acoustics and wastewater treatment.

HFL Consulting (now part of SLR)

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Who should attend?

The training is principally designed for those who require understanding of the output of occupied building risk assessments (OBRA) and will provide a useful overview for those who are involved in undertaking them, such as:

• Managers and Supervisors;
• Engineers, Technicians, Chemists;
• Health & Safety professionals.

Why Attend?

Under the COMAH Regulations, operators must demonstrate that the risks to employees in offices and other work places on site are as low as reasonably practicable (ALARP).  Many major incidents that have occurred on sites have resulted in serious harm to people in buildings, e.g. due to partial building collapse, or the generation of missiles or glass fragments. In many cases, the effects have been more severe than if the people were located in the open air and involved populations that did not necessarily need to be within such a close proximity to process equipment.  OBRA is the tool most commonly used to assess the risks to people located within buildings on-site. The approach requires knowledge of the potential effects of a major accident hazard (MAH) on a specific building against the likely building performance and ability to enact emergency response, e.g. the ability to shelter or escape an area.

The course aims to provide a working overview of OBRA qualitative and quantitative methodologies, to provide attendees with the knowledge to understand, query or even develop OBRAs.

This course is for Storage, Manufacturing and Distribution companies only.

Date & Location

22nd April 2021

08.45 – 16:00

Virtual Learning Environment

8:45 – Registration
09:15 – Introductions & course overview
09:30 – Overview of OBRA
10:30 – Coffee
11:00 – Qualitative Assessment
11:30 – Workshop
12:00 – Lunch
13:00 – Quantitative Assessment
13:30 – Workshop 2
14:00 – Coffee
14:30 – Upgrading Buildings
15:00 – Workshop 3
15:30 – Q & A
16:00 – Close