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Why attend?

No matter how good a company is, its success depends on its supply chain – companies don’t compete with each other; supply chains do.

Therefore having an effective and efficient supply chain that is tailored to a business’ operation is a pre-requisite for long term sustainability and success.

The aim of the workshop is to:

  • Explore the benefits and advantages of improving supply chains – why would a company want to work on their supply chain?
  • Identify the barriers to improving supply chains – what would obstruct efforts to improve the supply chain, which may include practical issues, financial costs or penalties, and organisational resistance?
  • Understand how a supply chain might be mapped and analysed to identify opportunities
  • Identify ways or methodologies for dealing with barriers to improving supply chains

The workshop is based around exercises/ simulations to help delegates understand how supply chains work and the issues that can arise, how Lean changes the way supply chains are viewed, and open discussions around the bullet points above and specifically in the context of chemical supply chains.

HFL Consulting have nearly a twenty year heritage adapting and implementing Lean in the process industries, so delegates will benefit from being taught by people with this knowledge and experience.


Date & Location

17th March 2020

9:30 – 16:00



  • 09:30 – Coffee & registration.
  • 10:00 – Welcome & Introductions.
  • 10:15  – Why do Supply Chains matter – What issues Supply Chains can cause -What benefits can accrue from improving you Supply Chain.
  • 10:45  – Simulation 1 – Beer Distribution Game.
  • 11:45   –  Review of Simulation 1 – Internal structure and not external events cause system behaviour.
  • 12:15   –  Lunch.
  • 13:00  –  Lean Principles – a way of addressing internal structure.
  • 13:20  –  Simulation 2 – Paper Tray Game.
  • 14:10  –  Review of Simulation 2 – Push vs Pull – Single Piece Flow – Applications to wider supply chains, and a possible solution to the Beer Distribution Game.
  • 14:30 –  Improving your Supply Chain – Developing a vision – Enablers for delivering improvements – How to address blockers to improvement – Supply Chain improvements case studies.
  • 16:00 – Review & Close.

Who should attend?

The three key operational metrics of any business venture are Quality, Cost and Delivery. The supply chain is critical in achieving Delivery and Cost targets, and can even directly impact Quality.

This workshop on how to understand and improve a supply chain will be of interest to business managers and leaders from manufacturing companies wanting to develop business targets and objectives, and those tasked with delivering them. These may include:

  • Senior business managers and leaders
  • Departmental managers:
    • Production and Operations
    • Purchasing
    • Logistics
    • and other support functions
  • Business improvement/ continuous improvement personnel, and those challenged to deliver improvement projects
  • Cross functional improvement teams

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