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HFL Consulting is delighted to have sponsored the Chemical Industries Association’s 2018 Special Responsible Care Award for Process Safety Leadership, a subject very close to our hearts.

The CIA Awards are designed to highlight achievements of member companies, which are part of an industry that continues to add £18 billion to the UK economy every year. The wider chemical and pharmaceutical industries, together, are the largest exporter of manufactured goods totalling £50 billion per year.

The hosts for the evening, which took place in Gateshead on the 14th June were Sameena Ali-Khan, a journalist and presenter for ITV News Central, and CIA’s Chief Executive, Steve Elliott. With this year seeing the highest number of entries for almost a decade, excitement increased as the results were announced.

As a business we believe that good process safety performance, built on sound practices and procedures, is key to protecting people and the environment, and the reputation and sustainability of our industry.

The Award was made in recognition of the UK manufacturing site which demonstrated improvements in process safety performance through both strong leadership by senior management as well as engagement of staff at all levels, over the last 2 years.

It was also designed to reinforce process safety as an integral element within Responsible Care, promoting the CIA Best Practice Guide on process safety leadership and sharing of good practice principles.

The Award Winner was Stepan UK Ltd, Stalybridge.

In the words of those shortlisted:

Stepan UK Ltd, Stalybridge

It would be a great achievement for a relatively small, unglamorous operation to be recognised as a process safety award winner. Stepan continually strives to be better at safety and it has the competence and commitment throughout its organisation to get there. This award would be worthy recognition for the hard work and progress made by everyone within the organisation to take the site towards being world-class.

BASF plc, Bradford and Grimsby

The BASF Bradford and Grimsby teams have successfully conducted SHE reviews and implemented multi-million pound safety concept investments on the sites. They have recently re-submitted COMAH safety reports for both sites, with improved predictive analysis and environmental CDOIF assessments. To make process safety more alive, process operators and line managers have conducted process safety reviews, checking nearly 500 P&IDs and 6000 items to reduce loss of containment risks.

Johnson Matthey, Royston

At Johnson Matthey “safety is our priority”. In the last two years the significant efforts made by the site teams to strengthen process safety management systems and culture is evidence of this. Their ambitious process safety programme has encouraged engagement and collaboration of the entire workforce which they believe will ensure they protect their people and the environment, whilst continuing to create a sustainable future for all.

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