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SLR has a team of over 1800 professionals delivering advice and support from a network of offices across Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Canada, the USA and Latin America. Our expanded service offering means we can provide a unique blend of leadership, management, consulting, engineering and training services to businesses of all sizes across the process and allied industries. We can draw on many more ‘in house’ skills and services, including process, civil and structural engineering, environmental permitting and compliance, air quality, flood risk, ecology, acoustics and wastewater treatment.

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The Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCPD) forms part of the EU’s Clean Air Policy and fills a regulatory gap between small and large combustion plant, targeting emissions from combustion plants of between 1 and 50MWth input.

The Environmental Permitting Regulations (England and Wales) were amended in 2018 to implement the requirements of the ‘Medium Combustion Plant’ (MCP) Directive and additional controls on ‘Specified Generators’. In short, the amendments require operators to obtain and comply with the conditions of an environmental permit if they operate a MCP or Specified Generator, with a small number of exemptions.

‘Medium Combustion Plant’ (MCPs) are defined as combustion plant with a thermal input rating between 1MWth and 50MWth.

‘Specified Generators’ (SGs) are those MCPs that generate electricity for >50hrs per annum (incl. testing) or export electricity to the grid.

Key dates

The dates by which MCPs and SGs are required to obtain an environmental permit differ depending on whether they are MCPs or SGs, age, thermal input, emissions, and capacity market agreements.

Key dates for MCPs

Key dates for MCPs are as follows:



  • ‘New’ means any plant commencing operation after 20th December 2018; and
  • ‘Existing’ means any plant which commenced operation before 20th December 2018.


Key dates for SGs

Key date for SGs are as follows:



Tranche A generators are those which came into operation before 1st December 2016, or benefit from capacity agreements from the 2014 and 2015 capacity market auctions or generators <1MWth with capacity agreements from the 2016 capacity market auction.

Relevant exemptions

There are several exemptions relevant to the chemical industries including for:

  • Thermal oxidiser
  • Facilities for the regeneration of catalytic cracking catalysts
  • Facilities for the conversion of hydrogen sulphide into sulphur
  • Reactors used in the chemical industry
  • Cowpers

SLR can:

  • Review existing and planned plant and advise on the ability to comply with the forthcoming requirements.
  • Undertake feasibility studies for the fitting of abatement, technology switches and provision of sampling facilities.
  • Provide guidance on the need for, type of, and process for obtaining environmental permits.
  • Advise on the emission limits and monitoring requirements for your plant.
  • Prepare environmental permit applications.
  • Undertake cost-benefit appraisals of combined heat and power operation.
  • Undertake air quality dispersion modelling.

If you require further information or wish to discuss how we can support you, please contact us.