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It’s easy to look back with some nostalgia to the days when companies relied more heavily on having a large workforce, with the work shared around big departments.  These days with technological advances overtaking manual processes, and for firms with an eye on profitability and efficiency, we tend to ask more and more of our employees.

That, coupled with constant communications technology, means it is often hard to take time out to do anything other than what’s on the never-ending to do list.  It also means that unless its hugely pressing, workforce development tends to take a backseat.

At HFL Consulting though, we look at this a little differently.  Although we do run a number of instructor-led open courses, in association with key trade bodies in the process industries, we have adapted many of them to provide a ‘blended’ learning approach.

Much of the underpinning knowledge can now be covered off via our online training tool, with the remainder delivered in a more traditional classroom environment, alongside peers and co-workers, using workshops to help cement key knowledge.

However, the ability to test knowledge, to give feedback and access other helpful materials will then be at the fingertips of all learners, so they can use information in the way that best suits them.  They can also download their certificates and keep track of their learning journey.

So whilst it is true to say that there seems to be less time to do anything these days, the advent of technology places power in the hands of the learner – to access materials on their mobile, their tablet or their PC, at a time and place to suit them.  So the technology that makes every day potentially more demanding, can offer up opportunities to learn flexibly.