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An effective Competence Management System (CMS) must have procedures in place to define the processes needed to manage both individual and organisational competences against defined standards, aligned to business needs. Appropriate monitoring and review processes must also be in place to assess performance.

Maintaining competence is essential for maintaining a safe and productive environment, to meet the needs of all stakeholders.

A business cannot run without people and when problems occur and systems and processes break down, we rely on competent people to bring things under control. By thinking about people as an asset – not just a potential source of failure – we can maximise business and safety performance.

HFL Consulting’s experienced team can either start from scratch, or build on existing systems and procedures, to help develop and implement an effective CMS. We can assist with:

  • Identifying gaps in your CMS, using our proprietary INSIGHT Lifecycle® auditing tool
  • Making sure that training assessments are appropriate for the attendant hazards and risks
  • Developing management procedures incorporating:
    • Measurement metrics for reporting and driving Continuous Improvement
    • Auditing methodologies to assess compliance with system requirements
    • Management review processes to ensure the business needs are being met
  • Providing tailored training in line with the Cogent SSC Gold Standard and HSE guidance
  • Monitoring and reassessing

Standard Operating Procedures

CiProS L7 (Corporate Governce of process safety)