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Our training and events have now reached nearly 300 companies and over 3,000 individuals. What’s more, our programme of courses is extensive, and many have been adapted to meet specific requirements using traditional delivery models that employ face-to-face training in the classroom, supported where necessary by workshops or work-based activity.

Although this traditional approach to training has served our clients well, providing an opportunity to challenge experts, share ideas and experiences, and relate theory and practice through contextual learning, it does have some limitations, not least in relation to time and cost because of the need to bring individuals together at fixed locations. With growing business pressures, it is also becoming increasingly difficult for people to escape for days at a time, making attendance on rolling programmes almost impossible for some.

Recognising the plight of leaders, managers, and supervisors in a competitive world, we have started to adapt many of our training courses to create blended learning programmes that can be tailored to individual needs. Traditional teaching methods are still used but much of the standard material can now be delivered through activity-based interactive modules within an e-learning environment.

Process Safety Qualifications

HFL Consulting has developed a series of integrated qualifications within the UK’s national framework for regulated qualifications.

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Our new online learning offering is now available.