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HFL Consulting has the ability to provide a range of training programmes to allow a business to develop it’s own internal change capability. This is a central pillar of our own organisation’s philosophy; our focus on making our clients self-sufficient in business improvement. We have courses aimed specifically at up-skilling a core group of individuals to become change agents, equipping them with a high level of knowledge and expertise in the chosen improvement methodology. We also have training that helps equip a wider range of employees with the appropriate level of understanding to participate in, and/or run, local improvement activities.

Training alone is never enough. The behaviours exhibited by employees when applying a methodology are always critical. HFL Consulting specialists can assist with this since they have considerable experience of coaching and mentoring individuals responsible for managing and participating in continuous improvement activities.

We have also developed a series of training programmes and courses that cover the hot topics related to continuous improvement. Collectively, or alone, they can be used to support companies in the development of their own business improvement strategies.

The programmes of work have been designed to maximise learning through use of lectures, interactive discussion and facilitated workshops.

Although courses can be tailored and developed to suit individual company needs, standard modules are available for the following:

  • Lean / Lean-sigma / 6-sigma
  • Team Leader
  • Change Agent Mentoring
  • Lean Change Agent
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Problem Solving
  • Maintenance Theory and Reliability
  • Process Simulations

Process Safety

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