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HFL Consulting is a recognised authority in modern business improvement techniques, with a special focus on the process industries. Our expertise and unique approach to problem-solving has helped hundreds of companies to improve their bottom line.

The Business Improvement Techniques (BIT) qualifications are designed to deliver tangible business benefits in terms of safety, cost, quality and delivery. The skills can be employed to make a difference to the business by tackling short-term challenges and increasing efficiency in a relatively short space of time, and can be applied to manufacturing and/or support functions including transactional processes.

There are two available pathways with the BIT qualifications, process and quality, both of which add real value to a company’s overall performance and both of which are based on Lean processes that encourage businesses to consider every area of their operations to assess where savings can be made.

The qualifications have been developed in collaboration with PAA\VQ-SET, a national and independent specialist awarding body registered with and regulated by Ofqual, which is the regulator for all qualifications, examinations and assessments in England and vocational qualifications in Northern Ireland.

Level 2 BIT NVQ

Level 3 BIT NVQ