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An effective asset integrity management programme should provide valuable information on the changing condition of primary containment systems (e.g. pressure vessels, storage tanks, piping systems and inline items, relief and vent systems, pumps and controls) and protective devices.  It should also provide a similar level of information for other key assets and infrastructure items to allow the requirements for inspection, repair or replacement to be determined.

Our consulting engineers can help you to review current systems, procedures and documentation, and examine plant condition, as part of a technical life study to help establish the following:

  • Health, safety, environment and business critical assets
  • When future upgrades, repairs or replacement might be necessary, based on condition and known degradation mechanisms
  • Critical assets for which there is insufficient information available to determine when future upgrades, repairs or replacement might be necessary
  • Prioritised action plans for investment planning

Asset Integrity Management and Maintenance Audits

Risk Based Inspection Plans