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Safety Instrumented Systems (SISs) are used in many applications, as Independent Protection Layers (IPLs) to avoid major accident hazards.  It is essential that these SIS are suitably defined, from first principles, so that the required Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) can be derived.  HFL Consulting can perform this front end definition in accordance with recognised standards (i.e. BS EN 61508 and BS EN 61511).

The standards refer to a Functional Safety Lifecycle approach which covers SIS definition, SIL determination, design, testing and decommissioning.  They also require that the design is carried out by suitably qualified and experienced personnel and that the systems are tested and maintained in an appropriate and well documented manner.  Testing of SISs must be completed at regular intervals, determined by the target SILs and design. One emerging issue is Cybersecurity and how the security of a SIS is assured

We can provide experienced TUV certified engineers Functional Safety Engineers to help you to complete this work.

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