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Investigations into recent incidents have shown that the underlying causes are usually rooted in poor policy, leading to gaps in the essential knowledge that underpins safety practices and procedures.

We can help you to produce and update key design safety documents to comply with accepted good practice guidance, relating to the following:

  • Chemical hazards and basis of safety
  • Process technology, process equipment and engineering basis of safety
  • Flow diagrams and P&IDs
  • Control and shutdown philosophies
  • Safety studies (HAZID / HAZOP / LOPA / QRA)
  • DSEAR risk assessments, HAC and MEIRA studies
  • Requirements for compliance with PED
  • Environmental design basis (including EIA and BAT assessments)
  • Design of protective devices (including relief systems and SIS)
  • Inspection, testing and preventive maintenance
  • Emergency planning and onsite plans

We can also help to develop and maintain technical libraries to support risk-based inspection, and maintenance and modification of critical plant and equipment, including primary containment systems, relief systems, safety instrumented systems and structures.

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