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HFL Consulting’s engineers and process safety professionals understand the technical and commercial risks associated with capital projects and acquisitions, and can provide a range of technical due diligence services to help identify and mitigate such risks.

Hazardous processing facilities in the UK and globally present a challenge but we can help reduce uncertainty by providing clear information and advice on:

  • Compliance with applicable national health, safety and environmental regulations
  • Process technology, process equipment and compliance with recognised standards and good practice guidance (including standards set for environmental protection)
  • Design safety (chemical hazards and basis of safety) and principles employed
  • Appropriateness of safety studies (HAZID / HAZOP / LOPA / EIA / QRA)
  • Design of protective devices (including relief systems and SIS)
  • Technical libraries necessary to support inspection, testing, maintenance and modification of plant and equipment
  • Inspection, testing and preventive maintenance
  • Organisational competence and resource availability

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