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All European health, safety and environmental legislation requires a risk assessment to be undertaken. The output of the risk assessment is decision based – are we doing enough, or do we need to do something more?

In lots of cases, adherence to the requirements of Accepted Good Practice is sufficient to make this decision – in a sense the risk assessment has already been undertaken by others by determining what risk reduction measures are necessary and including them in the guidance. However, for some situations, particularly where the hazard or risk is significant, further measures above and beyond those stipulated in AGP are necessary to manage the risk.

There are many tools available to determine risk, but the underlying methodology is identical in all cases, although the tool used needs to be appropriate and proportionate. If risks are significant, tools like LOPA, QRA, etc. are used, but for simpler, lower risks, Checklists or What-if studies may be more appropriate.

Risk assessment is a powerful management tool that, if used correctly, can help identify hidden weakness and direct spend into priority areas.

Our process safety specialists deal everyday with HAZID, HAZOP, LOPA, HRA and QRA. We provide in-depth understanding to put the right measures in place. This applies to plant and process design as well as development of the policies, management systems and procedures necessary for continued safe operation. In short, we can help you to:

  • Understand which tools and techniques can best be used to identify improvements
  • Understand how to use cost benefit analysis to evaluate and prepare informed and substantiated cases for funding
  • Know how to answer difficult questions posed by management to increase the chances of overcoming hurdles that may have previously stalled plans for improvement
  • Know how to implement sustainable and effective processes with periodic reviews built in to ensure ongoing compliant and effective risk management practices


LOPA/SIL Determination