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DSEAR requires employers to assess the risks before commencing any new work activity involving dangerous substances.

The regulations state that the risk assessment shall include consideration of:

  • The hazardous properties of the substance
  • Information on safety provided by the supplier
  • The circumstances of the work
  • The effect of risk reduction measures
  • Activities such as maintenance, where there is the potential for a high level of risk
  • Likelihood and persistence of a flammable atmospheres
  • Likelihood of an ignition source becoming active and effective
  • The scale of the anticipated effects of a fire or an explosion
  • Places that are or can be connected via openings
  • Such additional safety information as the employer may need in order to complete the risk assessment

The risk assessment should include information to show that the workplace and work equipment will remain safe during normal operation and reasonably foreseeable abnormal operation, including shutdowns and maintenance activities.

HFL Consulting’s team of experienced engineers and consultants are fully conversant with the requirements of ATEX and DSEAR and can facilitate and document risk assessments in accordance with recognised standards. They can also provide training to allow you to independently manage the DSEAR risk assessments as living documents going forward.

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